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The makings of SoBe Rides.
Sobe Rides Drivers on Miami Beach

"Why Walk

When you can



~Mark Clunie, OWNER

A Pedal-Powered Vision...


In 2011, 24 year-old entrepreneur Mark Clunie set out to turn his dream into a reality. While living on South Beach, he noticed there was always a function or festival going on with people…walking!


Tired of seeing drunken people stumbling, women holding their painful heels or men carrying girlfriends around, Mark used his previous transportation experience as a chauffeur to research convenient, environmental-friendly travel options. He stumbled across tricycle transportation and instantly went into action to bring his company SoBe Rides to fruition.

SoBe Rides mission is to help reduce carbon emissions while  providing customers with a safe, friendly and fun alternative transportation service. SoBe Rides gurantees a memorable experience not only for tourists, but local Miamians as well. We strive to make the riding experience one you'll never forget, so hop on and enjoy the ride, why walk when you can SoBe Rides?!

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